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CONCERT REVIEW: Orpheum Theater, New Orleans [21/03/2001] by Lightnin' Sam Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

Just a few notes to add to Forlorn Hope's review:

Regarding the smoking question from the audience, Nick actually replied "No, you certainly can not. This is a non-smoking venue and futhermore, you should respect that." It was funny considering he seemed serious but was smoking himself.

Nick's asking of the obnoxious guy (who he referred
to as "he who knows everything and has a computer at home") about the Bad Seeds US tour actually elicited a response of "September" from the jerk which seemed agreeable to Nick. Sadly, we were seated right behind this numbskull and his macho, do-rag wearing friend (who by the way acted out Nick's lyrics with his arms all night).

At the end of "God is in the House", Nick happily explaimed "It's a hit!"...with a bit of sarcasm.

We couldn't hear everything the "cow" was saying about his kids etc... but at one point Nick sharply responded "except that both of these lived".

Also, Nick added a hilarious section to the end of "Stagger Lee" that had the devil himself coming up to do battle with Stagger only to get "4 holes in his motherfuckin' head"!!!

All in all, it was amazing. Great sound, performance, venue. I was kind of amazed by the number of people who had obviously bought tickets only to then act like asses. Why come at all?


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