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CONCERT REVIEW: Orpheum Theater, New Orleans [21/03/2001] by James O'Blivion Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

Nick's solo performance at the Orpheum Theatre in New Orleans was nothing short of amazing. The simple fact that he managed to rework the entire set so that it could be played by a line-up of piano, bass, drums, and violin is impressive. Many of the songs were even performed without the rest of the line-up...just Nick, his piano, and his cigarettes.

The stand outs were "God is in the House," a track from the new album, "The Mercy Seat," "Stagger Lee," which was slowed to perfection and contained improvised lyrics, and the Birthday Party's classic "Wild World," which sounded better than ever, and (if possible) even more raw than the original recording. While the performance was stunning, the audience left much to be desired. Fans who'd obviously made one trip too many to the bar continually shouted out requests and undesired suggestions, even as Nick was trying to introduce songs. As he left the stage, I was certain that he was not going to return, due to the ungracious and interfering attitude of the general crowd.

His devotion to his true fans prevailed, however, and he took the stage once again for an encore of five songs, including a brilliant rendition of "Little Empty Boat," which he closed with the improvised lines "And you can all go fuck yourselves, it's time for me to leave." This seemed a not-so-subtle farewell to his hecklers, and one which left fans like myself cheering like we'd never cheered before. All in all, despite the intrusion of a few too many ignorant fools in the crowd, Nick's power was undiminished. It was definitely one of the greatest concerts I've ever attended, and when he tours with the Seeds to promote the new album, I'll be there.


1. West Country Girl
2. Sad Waters
3. People ain't No Good
4. The Mercy Seat
5. God is in the House
6. Do You Love Me (part 2)
7. Wild World
8. Love Letter
9. No More Shall We Part
10.Papa Won't Leave you Henry
11.Stagger Lee
12.Into My Arms

13.The Ship Song
14.Henry Lee
15.Straight to You
16.Loom of the Land
17.Little Empty Boat


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