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CONCERT REVIEW: Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles [25/03/2001] by Annemarie B. Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

First off, it was really interesting to see the audience break-down..I think I was expecting to see a lot more younger gothier looking people at the show. In actuallity, there were some of those, but there were also a huge chunk of "normal" looking people, as well as a ton of people who were, I thought, much more overdressed than myself (me with my fading red hair, tank top, and jeans). Some of these looked nearly identical to Nick himself, with their hair slicked back and looking impecable in finely tailored suits. I was also surprised that it seemed to be a mostly over-twenty crowd..remember, this is all coming from someone who has no idea what the Nick Cave fan "looks like".

When the lights dimmed and it was time for the opening act, I was really surprised. I forget the band's name, but they had a very "country" sound. The lead singer had a cute/casual air, an amazingly powerful voice, and the music, I thought, was actually very good, considering I generally hate country music.

Okay, now these, for me, were the highlights of Nick's performance.

The humorous back-handed request for The Mercy Seat along with the soulful emotion Nick put into this song was beautiful. Nick really connected with the audience..more than any other artist I've seen live, and, furthermore, it was a unique sort of connection. His subtle, sarcastic humor played well off the requests and comments from the audience, and made for a very natural and humorous fan-artist exchange. Anyway, the Mercy Seat was slow and heart-breaking and literally brought me to tears. The people on either side of me must have thought I was loony.

Nick's performance of Wild World was another moment that really struck me. I am completely unfamiliar with The Birthday Party, but this performance was steallar..brimming with rage and insanity. The visual light display which would quickly fade from red to black to white and back again greatly complimented the sound and emotion emenating from the stage.

Then, of course, there was God is in the House. LOL. I don't think I've ever seen an audience so genuinely amused and delighted by the lyrics to and delivery of a song..altho it took most of us a while to realize that what we were listening to was humorous!

Maybe this wasn't a highlight to everyone, but I was completely swept away by Papa Won't Leave You, Henry. I am something of a newcomer to Cave, and I had not yet heard this one..I was pleasently surprised by the soulfulness of this piece.

Another song which I had the pleasure of hearing for the first time was Stagger Lee, which I am want to call "The Motherfucker Song" LOL The performance was highly energetic..event the violinist was going insane..hopping and kicking about wildly, and breaking several of his strings in the process. LOL. I got the impression that this was one song that surprised the audience..when all their requests for other songs went unanswered, I could actually hear a few groans, but I am willing to bet that most were, in the end, completely ecstatic about the end result of Stagger was simply an amazing performance.

Heh..everyone was sort of quiet when the show let out..I'd like to think it is because they were stunned into silence by their awe for Cave.
Set list:

1. West Country Girl
2. People Ain't No Good
3. Henry Lee
4. Mercy Seat
5. God Is In the House
6. Sad Waters
7. Wild World
8. Papa Won't Leave You Henry
9. Loom of the Land
10.No More Shall We Part
11.Stagger Lee
12.Into My Arms

13.Love Letter
14.The Ship Song

15.My Little Boat Is Empty


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