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CONCERT REVIEW: Brixton Academy, London [07/05/2001] by Babylon Mink Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

Saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Brixton Academy last night. I am a huge fan of NC but have not bought anything of his in a good few years, so I dont know his newer stuff very well. However, I will be buying some of it this afternoon. The concert was intense. Really intense. I was not expecting something that hectic. I was expecting crooning, piano playing, ballads, but I can tell you that every single person in that place felt their body jolt to crushing versions of The Curse of Millhaven and Red Right Hand.

The Bad Seeds were all in suits, looking like bluesmen, Blixa Bargeld looking cool in his lennon shades. The opening band was a group from Melbourne, I dont remember their name, but they were freaky. The singer looked like someone out of Yello, and they had a distinctly Monty Python-esque feel. One of their songs was something about "the cunts, the pricks and the wankers". Pretty different and enjoyable band.

Nick did not seem to be in a particualrly good mood, which helps them create the intensity for their more hectic numbers. Other songs I remember (that I recognised from older stuff): Stagger Lee, Henry Lee and, of course, The Mercy Seat which whipped the people into an involuntary frenzy. One thing I would suggest is that Nick stops spitting all the time. I have no personal objections to it, it just does not reflect the character of this man, who has some rather intense intelligence. And he looks damn cool smoking, something which makes it difficult for a new non-smoker :)

Nick also "forgot" the words to a song (think it was 'God is in the House') and stopped the band playing and started again. I believe from other reviews, however, that he does this often. He also brought out a helper to stand there with lyric cue cards! Some roadie was standing holding up these cards in the front of the stage. Is Nick losing his memory?

The crowd managed to get the band out for 2 encores, the first being the expected 'OK, we are going now' bullshit (I really hate this fake encore thing), but the second time I think we really did get them out of the dressing room for another song. It took them ages to come back out, but they came and blistered us with The Curse of Millhaven.

Random things that happened at the show: Some guy and his girlfriend were 'play fighting' and rolling around on the floor. He knee'd her in the face and there was blood sprayed all over, including over me. Very wierd scene indeed.

All in all, of the best concerts I have seen, and I am so pleased to have finally caught up with them.


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