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CONCERT REVIEW: Philipshalle, Duesserdolf [09/05/2001] by Jessica Ridders Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

The concert in Duesseldorf was long awaited be me. It was my first concert by Nick Cave, I was stupid enough to miss his concert in Bonn some years before and regretted it ever since. When I heard there would be a new album plus tour coming up, I became very excited and impatient...
That was around February and it was along time until the 9th of May...!

Finally the day was there and tried to arrive early at the concert hall to make sure I would get a place close to the stage. I stood in the third row which gave me a great view on Mr. Cave and the other Bad Seeds.

The first band was not my taste, but I am never lucky with support acts, I guess... It was Dave Graney from Australia with a small band. Their music was not bad really but became boring after the first song and all songs sounded alike then.

After a while which felt like ages The Bad Seeds went on stage and started with "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side" and some other new songs form "No More Shall We Part". The more often I hear the new songs, the more I like them. :-) "15 Feet of Pure White Snow" was good.

I was slightly disappointed because the band did not really seem to enjoy to play together - but I might be wrong there. Cave forgot some lines of his lyrics. For example when he tried to play "Into My Arms". After two attempts he wanted to gave up (saying something like "It is bound to be bad now.") but the audience wanted to hear this song. So he played it as an encore later.

I was a bit surprised how he could forget the beautiful beginning of the song: "I don´t believe in an..." But then I had to forgive him immediately because he wrote so many beautiful lines, didn´t he?

It was so nice just to see him, I was very happy.
But I really cannot explain that in a few words... why I like him so much and what is special about him.

A woman in the audience shouted "I love you!"
- just the way you have heard it so many times before at concerts and the artists never cares about it. Cave turned around, looked to the direction where it had come from and answered. "Who said it? - I love you, too. I do."
He said it with a seriousness and as believable as Bob Dylan when he sang the line "I can SEE the master´s hand" at the Cologne concert a year before.
I was very impressed and touched on both occasions. I am sure I could never say it that way, with so much believe.

My personal favourites and highlights of the concert were "The Mercy Seat" (alright, a boring choice but I still love that song!) and the encore "Saint Huck" which was so unbelievable fantastic... I would have paid for the whole concert just to hear that song!

I wish I could see Nick Cave again live in concert as soon as possible! There were some other concerts in Germany (2 concerts in Berlin and in Munic, etc.) but I just could not afford to go. I have to admit that I spend my money on Dylan concerts aswell... ;)

I love you Nick Cave!

Jessica Ridders
Duesseldorf, 2001


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