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CONCERT REVIEW: Los Angeles, Wiltern Theatre [17/04/2002] by Starlight Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

The second night at the Wiltern was just as exciting though I didn't arrive as early as the night before. The back of the theatre was still active with roadies moving in and out of the back stage doors. Also added to the mix was a large gold tour bus, the Seeds must be using to travel up to San Francisco and beyond. They will be traveling in style.

Being a little later the wait was not as long. In line, I meet a lady who I had seen at the show the night before and she had also been to the taping of the Tonight's show. She told me the the Tonight's show was great and that when Dame Edna went on stage at the end of the show, Blixa move as far away from Dame as possible. When Dame moved, so did Blixa. I thought that would have been cute to see.

This time I was on the floor of the Wiltern though still not close enough from my liking but I could see just as well. The opening band was a group, I believe they said were from Seattle, called "Pinetop Seven" There were seven members playing instruments like the viola, bass, bass guitar, guitar, trumpet, drums, and one other instrument that escapes me now. I liked their sound though it was mellower then "Khan" the night before.

When "Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds" came out I was just as excited as I had been the night before. Nick was wearing a green or blue Velvet coat and dark Pants and a white dress shirt...classic Cave. The Bad Seeds were complete...Mick Harvey (who I didn't recognize last night), Blixa Bargeld, who wore a black suit and no sun glasses, Thomas Wydler, Martyn P. Casey (who was almost forgotten by Nick while introducing the Bad Seeds), a still unshaven Conway Savage, Jim Sclavunos, and the back to ya, Warren Ellis.

They started to play:

1. 15 Feet of Pure White Snow -- cool way to start, because this was what he played on the Tonight Show.

2. Oh My Lord -- still my favorite song and it's always a treat to hear and see. Nick seems to like singing this one, he was havin' fun and
doin' a groovy little dance toward a member in the audience.

3. The Weeping Song -- great with Blixa, and this time the micro phone didn't scream and Nick got to hug Blixa.

4. Red Right Hand -- somewhere before or after is when Nick asked for the black tea and lemon.

5. Do You Love Me? -- beautiful, beautiful. I love this SONG!!!

6. As I Sat Sadly by her Side -- Nick needed a slow one, but this is a nice one.

7. Love Letter -- Nick started this one and had to stop, because he had forgotten what cord it started in. Nick turn to the band and asked them, to which none of them replied. Nick finally said " D sharp, no E flat...I've only played this 6,000 times"...I love moments like that.

8. We Came Along This Road -- two slowish ones in a row gave him the rest for the next one, this is such a good song for Nick to sing, is
works so well.

9. Papa won't leave you Henry -- this is so amazing live, he plays and acts and moves to this song, so beautifully, if you like Nick you have
to see Nick do this song live.

10. The Ship Song -- this was so cool to watch live, it is so beautiful, makes your heart skip a beat to hear, I know a lot of the females in the crowd loved it.

11. Mercy Seat -- He managed once again, sore throat and all to do the raw and fast version of this song, bless him this song was worth hearing again, though he did lose the beat for a moment or two but it didn't matter it is a great song.

12. Hallelujah -- Beautiful, hearing these songs off the New album make me like them more and more.

13. God is in the House -- great, though the audience interrupted it after Warren Ellis' little solo the audience applauded causing Nick
to stall the intro into "Goose-stepping, twelve-stepping, Tetotalitarianists..." but he got to it after raising his hand letting the
audience know that he wasn't finished. It was touching for Warren but I thought it was strange timing.


14. The Curse of Millhaven (Okay, After what seemed like forever, clapping, standing and yelling for their return, out Nick Cave and the
Bad Seeds came with a strange looking short person wearing a black hooded sweat shirt carrying, you guess it cue cards. Nick commented
that this one is always trouble and as soon as he said that I knew it was "The Curse of Millhaven". Mistakes and cue cards aside this was GREAT.

The crowd who were on their feet from the attempt to get the encore started, remain on their feet, and sang and danced - I bounced as I sang, being short I had to, to see, but that was cool I was in heaven. Nick did the introduction of the band within this one, When he introduced Blixa, which was a queue for a solo of some kind Blixa simple say that he has never done a guitar solo and wouldn't start now (or something like that the audience was really loud at this point), Nick the introduced the rest however he forgot Martyn, which he then corrected at the very end of the song. For a couple of moments after. Nick Cave paused, to talk to the band on stage then decided that they would end the encore here...of course the audience tried to get the band to return but I think Nick couldn't having hurt his voice. It looked like Nick was as disappointed as the audience. I'm glad Nick had aired on the side of caution, I don't want him to really hurt his voice. So hopefully he's resting and drinking his black tea with lemon and will have a stronger voice in San Francisco tomorrow.

I loved the show and I am very glad that I got to see both shows. I would most likely do this again if Nick were to return and play more then one show. It's a great experience, and I recommend that if you can pull it off see as many show as you can, it's well worth it.


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