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CONCERT REVIEW: Warfield Theatre, San Francisco [18/04/2002] by Charles Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

where to start with out getting to verbose?????

Nick cave played a rescheduled gig at the Warfield in San Francisco on april 18th, For those of us who were there it was a mighty treat. Nick has been accused of getting to mellow with age too many piano based songs, but April 18th was a daring mix of young and old songs in the mix. Revisionist live versions of titles from "No more shall we part" got the crowd to laugh, cry and sing along. Nick well dressed and enegercitic for the occasion showed no sign of being a creature ready for pasture.

Very much talking with his hands to the audience and comically working the crowd with his sense of play with the audience within the lyrics. Hopefully he won't get additional stalkers on this account. Songs that really stood out were the seminal "Saint Huck" with the band playing a furiously tight a heart pounding live version that blasted itself into the crowds psyche with as much force as anything that was done in the Birthday Party.

"Stagger Lee" also was a blow away with a period in which a cat fight broke out into the audience on the stage right side. It was something out of a religious revival with snake charmers and all as far as excitement making the house lights blast all the way on, with Blixas howl that still echo's in the warfield's wood even as i write this. On the mellow side of things "Into my Arms' stood out forever Nick/Elvis as a committed lover even if beliefs aren't necessarily on the same page (to keep up with current idioms, even though i still use "choose your poision").

Encores galore. In the number of three. Yes the crowd got their bang bucks worth. I sat safely up in the balcony for this particular experience. I left happy, and looking forward to another night of Bad seeds music. it had been 10 years for me since detroit. This tour is a must see for Fans of all flavors. Have I no other endeavors i would gladly try to see as many shows as possible of this tour to see what else is mixed into the sets. A real treat indeed to see them live again.


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