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CONCERT REVIEW: San Francisco, Warfield Theatre [19/04/2002] by Charles Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

another night with the bad seeds, this time i dared to be on the floor face to face with Nick Cave and Blixa Bargeld and the ever stern Mick harvey.Pinetop7 opened from Chicago with a lovely set of sensitive dynamic songs, there six piece (missing the 7th) im sure im missing a joke there someplace was everything alot of indie rock is not these days and mind your friends this is the highest complement. The band could play very well indeed. Sonic Comparisons Tortise and maybe a 60's inide rock version of the Bee gees in the sense of harmonies with instruments. Unfortnately these gaggle full of young females ruined some of the listening enjoyment with there obligatory "oh my godisms" better left for the street the powder room ect ect ect.I was so irritated I said shut the fuck up. of course the one track monorail system of american pie california verbage didn't cease there forward it carried until they went to drink.

Anyways a lovely spainsh trumpet lines dynamis interplays between the rhythm guitars a spot on drummer named Ned, and the string section played in and around soft but intelligible lyrics of a jim carrolesque looking singer minus the herion sheik winy solo poetry, no offense mr.carroll. they left the stage very professional and timely the crowd wanted more. Pinetop7 hopefully made some sales that night. next is the bad seeds, this night was different mixing the st up and being that painfully close to the stage you felt one with the band.

Birthday party requests received finger points as if a teacher is telling a student you know better than that. Poor Mick Harvey some jerk kept on harassing him and saying they where a better band when they were angry, stage monitor difficulties didn' stop the bad seeds from doing what they do very well is play interesting powerful dynamic music. A daring "curse of Mullheaven" off Murder Ballads was attempted even. Flowers where constantly being thrown at Nick during his set by moderately contained overzealous fans who did not want to get kicked out by security so they pretended not to be the offender.

Nick seemed boozed or something this night, of course all the details get amplified being that close to the band. "Do you love me" was played alot earlier in the set this time around the second song. After fifteen feet of pure white snow, but i dont have set list to defer to as well other than a 34 year old brain that could use more love himself. hence why i'm at a nick cave and bad seeds show. There seemed alot more tension in the band this night, on "sadly sat by her side" Nick said "watch the world fall apart from the window", i take he has been keeping on recent events. Which is a early morning pisser at your palestian owned store. back to the band and performance. "One time man" from early days was played with ever care for the character potrayl of a helpless fool who kills his loving wife. The band seemed to step around most of the minor problems of the night with the experince and wisdom of a professional act without assaulting members of the crowd who needed a blanket party as one of my female neighbors suggested it happen.

Nick flirted with the crowd with sing alongs with the chorus and also finding new boyrfriends for a certain member of the auidence within the context of a song. drunk, tired, stoned or otherwise it was another great show minus the asshole template which seems unavoidable these days at shows. Which leads me to believe if I owned a club there should be a designated asshole section. Mind you the walls would be brick if not metal the chairs would be eith extremely fragile or bolted to the floor. Anyways enough of my digressions let alone my sins (market street cinema). This was well worth trading my two balcony seats to look up Nick caves nose to see his flat black shoes. to hear his feet stomp,to see Mick Harvey throw flowers back into the crowd for the one and only encore. To watch Mick harvey wave to the back of the room. To watch a process that has gone on since the late 70's and shows no signs of expiring anytime soon inspite of age or health. I'm glad i went both nights. I hope everybody who endured my banter does the same at least going to the concert. Not what i did afterward.


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