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CONCERT REVIEW: Chicago Theatre, Chicago [26/04/2002] by Mara Mars Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

OH MY LORD!!!! What can I say??? Having been a long time fan of Nick Cave ...first shows in 1986-88....I expected the best..and received it !
The Chicago Theatre was a very suitable venue for our BAD SEEDS indeed. At first you might think it odd but when the well versed and impecable Nick arrived on stage you couldn't imagine him anywhere else. After first seeing him in the less than glamorous surroundings in the 80's and watching the progression of venues and STYLE it seems a suiting place for them now.

Welcoming us to their artistic embrace was the opening song AS I SAT SADLY BY HER SIDE which was met with HAPPY roars of joy from all the adoring fans. I can not recall the play list as verbatum but certain selections will remain burned in my head forever....RED RIGHT HAND was incredable. My FIFTH row tickets provided an upclose view and FEEL of the strong bass drum in that was a bone rattler!!!! Also, "15 feet of pure white snow " was inspirational...although I must say many of the audience members were more than reserved...I felt slightly embarressed when no one else RAISED THEIR HANDS UP TO THE SKY as I did...oh well ...I came to enjoy the show...

Enjoying the show I was...however it seemed that some folks were not enjoying the show OR each other because during LOVE LETTER a huge brawl errupted and it stirred up the audience...but not NICK. I saw him smiling and nodding to him self during the fight. I know he heard it too. He is an impecable showman and professional.

Having such great seats allowed me to really feel an intimate connection to the music and the man. He is truely THE PUNK CROONER of our time. His mature voice and style has grown more elegant and elequint with time without losing the FEELINGS we all have with us always...He speaks, sings, and writes words I can feel and love. I am so impressed with NICK CAVE and the BAD SEEDS and always will be. He's still kicking against the pricks.. in his own way.

The show couldn't have been better...I can't wait for them to come again.


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