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CONCERT REVIEW: Kool Hause, Toronto [28/04/2002] by Matthew Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

Somehow it struck us all as very appropriate that we stood for 2 hours in cold, rainy weather to see Nick Cave on Sunday night. It was well worth it however, as once they let us in I managed to get
myself, and the pack of friends with me, up to the front of the stage for the best 2 hour set I've seen by anyone. This show FAR surpassed the last show he did in September of 1997 here.

After the show I managed to get a hold of the actual setlist taped to the stage so I'll reprint that, putting the songs he played in full caps.

1. AS I SAT SADLY BY HER SIDE - This was not nearly as sedate an opening as it might seem. The whole band was involved and it got the crowd nicely warmed up.

2. DO YOU LOVE ME? - This got the crowd completely pumped, and it gave Nick his first chance to get up and really throw himself around the stage and do that wonderful posing that makes him such an entertaining man to watch. By the end of this song we all knew that
we were in for an amazing show

3. OH MY LORD - Far more powerful and energetic than the album version, which is one of my favorite tracks from the new album, and watching Nick sing this was breathtaking.

4. LIME TREE ARBOUR - A nice song, but didn't really fit the pace or feel of the show. A little too lethargic and uninspired. None the less, a great song.

5. RED RIGHT HAND - Once again Nick and the band surpassed themselves with sheer energy level and emotion.

6. GOD IS IN THE HOUSE - Not one of my favorites from the new disk, and, although better than the album version, this is one song he probably could skip.

7. WE CAME ALONG THIS ROAD - Again, not one of my favorites from the new album, but live it has so much more power and emotion behind it that it just fit right in with the rest of the night.

8. THE WEEPING SONG - Blixa, as usual, spent much of the night looking cool and uninterested in the goings on, even while singing this song, but still, he is magic when it comes to vocal and guitar talents. One of my favorite Nick Cave songs, made far more moving and powerful when done live.

9. PAPA, WON'T LEAVE YOU HENRY - It seemed like Nick's energy level was never going to slow this night. Even with the sweat pouring down his face he still threw himself around the stage like a man half his age, maybe even with more energy, and managed to nearly take out half the front row when he got the microphone cord wrapped around his mic stand and sent it flying. Just one of a number of "incidents" resulting from his energetic performance

10. HALLELUJAH - Great song, with even more power than the studio version. The jury was out on wether not having the McGarrigle's singing backup and the last lines was a bonus or not. I thought
Nick did a wonderful job singing there part at the end and the rest of the band doing his part. Also, a great transition from Papa, in which he actually enters the house.

11. THE MERCY SEAT - Lots of energy, well performed, but he plays it too often. Something like Tupelo or Jack The Ripper in place of this song would have gone nicely. When he introduced it he said it was a song by Johnny Cash.

12. NO MORE SHALL WE PART - Again, a beautiful and powerful version which is far superior to the studio version

13. LOVE LETTER - A beautiful song sung with emotion and power that was moving to witness.

14. ST HUCK - Great to hear some of the really old stuff. It would have been nice if he'd thrown in a couple of others, particularly From Her To Eternity

15. HENRY LEE - Better with PJ Harvey, and it would have been great if he'd asked Neko Case (the opening act) if she'd join him, but just Nick doing the vocals is still amazing.

16. SHIP SONG - He hadn't intended to play this song, even though it was on the official setlist. He had his back to the audience and as the band began this song he looked over at Mick Harvey and, from where I was I could clearly hear him say; "What the fuck is this?" then he shrugged and resigned himself to playing it. A magnificent version of a beautiful song and very fitting as his second to last number.

17. STAGGER LEE - Great song, tons of energy, and Blixa's screaming at the end is wonderful, albeit somewhat eardrum piercing. He even added the final verse about Stagger Lee meeting the devil.

The songs that were on the list but didn't make the cut:

Long Time Man
Into My Arms
Little Janey's Gone
Curse of Millhaven

All in all it was a great concert, and well worth the 2 hours of waiting in the rain.


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