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CONCERT REVIEW: Metropolis, Montreal [29/04/2002] by Ben Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

Dear Friends,

Alright, so, I just got back from the Montreal show. It was my first Nick Cave show ever. It may have been the best show I have ever seen. I've seen quite a few. This was definitely way up there.

First of all, seeing the show in Montreal definitely has its perks. Two of them come to mind: It's the McGarrigle sister's town and the crowd would not accept less than three encores (even if the house music comes on after the first and second encores).

So the big thing about this show, as I just alluded to, was that the McGarrigle sisters definitely did appear on stage with the band for 3-4 songs. I don't remember reading any reviews which said they showed up at any other shows, so I believe the Montreal show was unique in that respect. While it was clear that they hadn't been playing with the band since the recording (they were at times confused as to when to come in), they added a very nice touch to the show. They and the band enjoyed it.

since most are probably interested in the setlist, here it is and I am sorry to say that it is in no particular order:

As I sat sadly by her side
Do you love me
Lime Tree Arbour
Red Right hand
Mercy Seat
Hallelujah (with McGarrigle Sisters)
Love Letter (with McGarrigle Sisters)
Fifteen Feet of pure white snow
Oh My lord
We came along this road
God is in the house
Papa Won't Leave You Henry
Weeping song

Encore 1
Henry Lee (with McGarrigle Sisters)
Stagger Lee (when you see them play, watch blixa towards the end!)

Encore 2
into my arms

Encore 3 (after they had turned off all of blixa's stuff and started dismantling the set)
Curse of Millhaven

Now, if I missed a song at all, please correct me on that. I might have forgotten to mention a song that the McGarrigle sisters sang on...

Nobody shit on me or anything like that, but the crowd was good for the most part, but had a few jack asses in it. There were I'd say 3 guys in the crowd who were confused as to crowd ettiquette. First of all, if you are a 6'5" guy with a loud voice standing in the first two rows of people, you might piss people off if during songs you yell things unrelated to the show across the theatre to a friend (like yelling for a smoke on many occassions). Also, if you are the only person moshing (or something similar to that), you might clue in on the fact that you are detracting from the enjoyment of every person you're pushing, after you know, a song or two...

Anyway, all is forgiven though. It isn't like someone actually defecated on me. (I'm not sure if that incident made in a review on this site. I think it was mentioned in a review from the San Fransisco show on the angel in devil's boots site).

Nick Cave and the entire band performed extremely well. The sound where I was in the front was outstanding (at least from where I was, two or three people back and in the center) until the last song where it was a bit muddied (I attribute this to the fact that the crew had already begun dismantling the stage). Nick's charisma was even greater than I had imagined. Blixa was amazing, especially during the screaming on Stagger Lee. I felt like we were all really priviledged to see them play with the McGarrigle sisters. Warren Ellis was going nuts. I really enjoyed watching him on stage.

One thing that really blew me away was how the crowd was very into it by the end. After the first encore, they left stage (obviously) and I assumed they would be back on, but only because I had read the reviews previously. I started feeling like maybe I hadn't seen the best show on the tour when the house music came on... or I'd been slightly (and I stress slightly) cheated, relatively cheated of course. To me, house lights and house music mean the show is over. The lights changed, but perhaps not as bright as actual house lights. But then the music came over the speakers. Of course the crowd started chanting and whistling. We were all going pretty nuts, making a lot of noise... and that coupled with the fact that they hadn't turned off the amps yet made me think we had a chance. I was elated when they came back for the second encore. I do love the song Into my arms so that was nice. Then they left stage again. and this time the house lights came on brighter and t!
music was back on. I assumed it was over at this point. But the most amazing thing happened... Now I am not sure if it really was this guy who started it, but I feel like the guy doing the pushing earlier really got the crowd going. We didn't give up for I'd say maybe five minutes. Well, the crew got on stage and started dismantling the set. When they turned off Blixa's amp I was sure it was over. Then they started taking apart the drum kit and that was the nail in the coffin. There were like ten crew members on stage and it was very obvious to me the show was over. The crowd still wouldn't give up. Finally one guy off to the left of the stage holds his hands up signalling the crew to stop. At that point the crowd lost it. The band came back on for the Curse of Millhaven, which I'd been yelling for all night. This might have been the weakest song of the evening performance wise because Nick skipped some lines even though he had a guy doing cue cards for him (thi!
s !
was the only song with cue cards). Also there seemed to be something wrong with Blixa's guitar or amp and the overall sound just wasn't as good. However, the crowd energy made up for it.

Now, I took a roll of pictures (800 speed). I should be getting them developed tomorrow, but will not have the chance to scan them for a week or so because I have to move away from this city. If anyone would like me to see them (someone from the show asked me if I would be posting them on the net) Email me. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .
I have no idea how well they will turn out, but I was up close. You never know with a disposable. I have had some success with concert pictures and disposable cameras, but not always.

Oh yeah, and Nick came out at the end and signed autographs.
I now have a nice Nick Cave ticket stub to add to my concert ticket collection, only this one has my favorite artist's signature on it!

Anyway, I hope anyone who saw the show enjoyed it as much as I did. If you have a chance to see him at anytime during the remainder of the tour, it is worth your time and money to get yourself there. But I'm probably preaching to the converted.
Neko Case was extremely impressive too. Her voice is amazing... Her Boyfriends aren't too bad either. Actually they were excellent.

Take care everyone and wish me luck on the last exam I ever have to take (potentially)


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