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CONCERT REVIEW: Metropolis, Montreal [29/04/2002] by Keith Talent Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

I don't live in the Western world, so I was chuffed when I managed to thread the needle finally, and be in a city where Nick Cave would be bringing in his Bad Seeds....Montreal.

The show was staged at Metropolis, a cavernous standing room only stage. Reminiscent of The Irving Plaza in Manhattan or the Orpheum in Boston.

I arrived 2 songs in, as the lack of a sellout and a Game 6 of the Montreal Canadiens in town dropped the attendance. Maybe, Nick thought lets get to bed early tonight?

As I entered he had his armed raised messiah like, dressed in a green velvet dinner jacket looking at the heavens, poised to deliver "Oh My Lord". I caught as much as I could trying to weave my way through the crowded throng to get as near to those contorted features as I could. The violin was being abused, Blixa pouting and seemingly uninterested , dressed in a 3 piece mafia suit, dark shades. Cave arms flailing wildly, conjuring up the drama of the song. Breathtaking. So good to be at a good good show. So good.

Following that a bell rang, signalling the arrival of "Red Right Hand". I was in high heaven as the rendition crashed around me.

Other highlights were "Love Letter", delivered with a touch of a crooner with lingering menace. Cave was a thorough gentleman in his introduction of the McGarrigles, and he bowed before them after the song. His respect for his band and his subjects was genuine.

"The Mercy Seat" brought the house down. There is no way the recorded version displays the power that The Bad Seeds took it to, on stage.

"Stagger Lee" was another standout in the 2nd encore, and he ended gently with "Into My Arms".

A fantastic show. The Montreal crowd, who in my opinion are high on fashion, but low in 'cool', were lukewarm. The connection was not immense. Some left not waiting for the encores, which I found preposterous. Others were asking about whether "The Habs Won". So that was a downer.

But I threaded the needle last night, and it was worth the wait.

Great show....catch it when it rolls into town...

Keith out...


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