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CONCERT REVIEW: Metropolis, Montreal [29/04/2002] by Julz Finley Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

This show was what I've been waiting for. After living my last year incapacitated and near death, I was so glad to see them, when I am starting to feel a little bit better. It was a blessing, as I thought I'd never see any concert again, due to my circumstances.

Anyhow, I traveled about 6 hrs to Montreal, with some friends (one friend came from Seattle for the show, she missed the Seattle gig, because she came to NY to visit family for the past week.) I really didn't have much money to spend on a show, and I really didn't wanna end up with nose-bleed seats in NYC, so Montreal was general admission, and more affordable.

When I first arrived, I got pretty close to the front, but my energy was waning pretty quick, and I thought I'd save it for the Bad Seeds performance, I'd wedge my way up front later on.
The show started with Neko Case & her Boyfriends, whom I found about as interesting as watching flies fuck! I really wished that we had Khan & Kid Congo open up at this show like some of the West Coast gigs... I really dig on Khan... and we all know how cool Kid Congo is.

Anyhow, I found a decent place towards the stage after Neko Case was done, and thats when trouble began. I was surrounded by the biggest assholes on this hemisphere, I swear to god. Some prick tried to start a fist fight with me, and some other cunt knocked me over just to take the spot I was standing in. I tell ya, I've never seen such a rude populace such as the Montreal audience.

Despite being swallowed by a mass of pretention... the Bad Seeds hit the stage, and the performance made up for every bit of discomfort I was feeling. They started with "As I Sadly Sat by her Side" which isn't a favorite of mine, but the live version was SO MUCH better!
"Do You Love Me" was always a favorite of mine, and it had taken upon an entirely different shape. The intensity during that song really stunned me.

The McGarricle sisters joined them onstage as well, but you couldn't hear them anyway... and I really didn't care either way. I prefer the Bad Seeds without them personally.

I cant remember the exact order of songs, but I do remember what the played altogether:
As I Sadly Sat By Her Side
Hallelulah (w/McGarricles)
Love Letter (w/McGarricles)
15 Feet of Pure White Snow
God is in the House (w/McGarricles)
Oh My Lord
We Came Upon This Road
Lime Tree Arbour
Into My Arms
Stagger Lee (with new verse & 2 Blixa Wails)
Henry Lee (w/McGarricles)
Curse of Milhaven
Do You Love Me
Red Right Hand
Papa Wont Leave You Henry
The Weeping Song
The Mercy Seat

Yeah... the oldest song they did was The Mercy Seat... BUT GODDAMN was it intense! I think the highlights were "Papa Wont Leave Ya Henry" (because Henry's Dream is my favorite album, and I LOVE everything on it), Curse of Milhaven (3rd Encore), Stagger Lee (1st Encore), The Mercy Seat,
Do You Love Me, & Oh My Lord.

Blixa seemed rather pissy at first (especially during the Weeping Song, he was irritated with the low volume of his mic, and he signalled angrily a few times to the soundman to turn him up) but after that he got silly. Even put the guitar behind his head & played it. I did lock eyes with him, and it didn't frighten me... his face lightened up a bit if you catch his view.

Mick Harvey definitely seemed less edgey than the other times I've seen the Bad Seeds. The rest of the band was pretty chilled out... Warren Ellis is pretty damn lively overall.

Nick's demeanor was very enlightened. You can tell he enjoyed performing, and he looked like he was having a good time. He vocally interacted with the audience more than usual. I think by Nick's overall grace, you can tell the man is finally happy with his life, and he seemed less insecure with himself as he used to be. You can tell he genuinely appreciates his fans, and the amount of energy he put into the show, is of a vigorous young man, not an aging mature 40-something man. His spirit & energy put forth was so extreme, you forget he's gotten older. I saw him a few years ago in Boston, and that show was great too, but he seemed much more happier & sincere at this one. If he's not depressed and dragged down, its no wonder he can put all that energy into his shows... its not a struggle for him.

It was absolutely wonderful, despite the shitty audience, who seemed only interested in drinking, socializing, & being a bunch of fashion-plates who are trying to look "cool" amongst their peers. Granted I did see some genuine diehards there, but they were locked into Nick Cave's aura, they weren't about picking someone up at a bar for some slap n' tickle, or trying to start bar fights with unsuspecting persons. I travelled a far distance in my weakened state just to see him.... and he gave me more than what I bargained for.

I can't wait for the new album... and hopefully another tour... but next time, I'll pick another city to see him in... because no matter what I have to travel like 6 hours in any direction.


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