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CONCERT REVIEW: Tabernacle, Atlanta [06/05/2002] by Jen Daggett Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

absolutely phenomenal. this is one band that lives to perform, loves their fans, and are great at doing both. they played a ton of songs, and while i don't remember the entire set list, the highlights included stagger lee (during an encore; with the extra verse where he gets the devil), curse of millhaven (encore), the weeping song (truly amazing), the mercy seat, as i sat sadly be her side (they opened with this), no more shall we part (i LOVE this song . . . it's going to be one of the songs my fiancee and i dance to at our wedding), hallelujah, god is in the house (very amusing to see live, and a lot of fun to dance and sing along with), papa won't leave you henry (more explosive than you can imagine) . . . .

ok, so every song they played was impressive, passionate, and absolutely perfect. nick kept teasing the audience... everyone at the front of the stage (including me) kept reaching up when he came by and he'd pretend like he was going to grab someone's hand, and then wouldn't. nick danced everywhere, all night long. he was absolutely wild and wonderful. blixa managed to crack a few smiles, although mostly maintained an exterior of ultimate cool what with his sunglasses and swank suit. nick had on a green velvet jacket, and his standard white suit shirt & grey suit pants. the violin player (i'm not sure of his name??) had his back to the audience for most of the show, but man can that guy play. this is the first time i've seen the bad seeds, and i was blown away by the experience. even though they did three encores, i wasn't ready for them to leave. i found myself craving hours more. and to be that close to such a brilliant and talented group of people was stunning, beautiful, and an absolute blast. on a side note, the band that opened up for them was calla. they were good, but not exactly what i was looking for before a nick cave & the bad seeds show . . .

calla was very low key, tame, and before you see the bad seeds you don't want a lullabye.
my advice is that if you have a chance to see this tour, GO. go and don't look back, stand up front and dance. this was an incredible show, one that will remain vividly in my memory as one of the most spectacular shows i have ever witnessed. i'm trying to think up ways i can make a living following them around to see all their shows. :p i guess i'll just have to survive with seeing them when they come to town (which should be more often *wink wink nudge nudge nick*).


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