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CONCERT REVIEW: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam [02/06/2003] by Dirk Van Gils Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006


The Heiniken Music Hall is always a great place to see a gig. It's big (+- 6,000 capacity) and there's a balcony and the floor slopes downward to a wide stage. Nice.
So many people had been queueing up that it was already a full house though. At 8 P.M. a small group entered the stage but they didn’t announced themselves. So we didn’t know who they are. They played half an hour some big unknown rock songs. (but during the set of Nick Cave we saw Chris Bailly and then we knew who was the support act).

There was not a huge gaping space between Nick Cave and outstretched arms and it allow him to reach out and shake some hands. On the other hand, the moat was filled with either fewer security guards than normal, or it just looked like fewer because the stage was so wide. Otherwise no-one tried to get on the stage to huge Nick Cave!

Nick Cave was wearing a black suit. He to be in a good mood. In face the entire band seemed to be really into this one.

Me and my friends stood in front of the stage. Nick Cave started the show at 9 P.M. with the words “HELLO HELLO…” and then He played the intro of “it’s a wonderfull life” on piano. It’s a lovely beginning of the show!! After 2 old songs “red right hand” and “westcountry girl” he told the audience that Blixa Bargeld was no longer a part of the band. He said that he was his long life friend and he dedicated the next song to Blixa: “Hallelujah”!!

At the beginning of “bring it on” he said the Chris Baily is very famous in Holland and that he should earn a statu and that he’s a good friend of him. As on the record “nocturama” he playd this song as a duet with Chris Baily.

At the end of the set they played a rough version of “Henly Lee” (more a rockabilly version). The crowd kept shouting “nick cave” until he came back on the stage for singing “He wants you”. It’s a start of shorter set of 4 songs ended by the ship song.

The last song they played was an edited version of “babe I’m on fire”. Afterwards he saidt that he’s tired and a big THANK YOU to the audience.
It was a wonderful end to a wonderful show for me and we drove back to Belgium (2 hours riding with the car)


It’s a wonderful life
Red right hand
Westcounty girl
Hallelujah (dedicated to Blixa Bargeld)
Sad waters
Do you love me?
Bring it on (duet with Chris Baily/the saints)
Christina the astonishing
Watching Alice
The mercy seat
Still in love
From her to eternity
Henry Lee ( a rockabilly version!!)

He wants you
She’s nobody’s baby now
The Ship Song

Babe I’m on fire ( a 10 minutes version to end the lovely show!!)


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