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Saturday, 12 December 1998
Nick Cave plays a rare solo gig next year at London South Bank Royal Festival Hall on March 30, with support from Dirty Three - also playing with P.J. Harvey this week - and poet Jock Scot.

There will also be a CD mail-order only album of 'And The Ass Saw The Angel' released on January 11, which has readings from the novel and music by Mick Harvey and Ed Clayton ones which was commissioned for a 1993 theatrical adaptation of the book by the Napier Street Theatre in Melbourne, Australia.

The readings were originally released on bonus 12-inch with the 1988 album 'Tender Prey'. The track-listing is as follows:

The readings by Nick Cave are 'Mah Sanctum', 'Lamentation', 'One Autumn' and 'Animal Static'; the theatre music is 'Sleepy River Piano' , 'Doghead', 'Pa's Traps', 'Cosey's Lullaby', 'Sanctum', 'The Hobo Church', 'Sleepy River Swoon', 'God', 'Euchrid On The Run', 'Beth's Sleepy River', 'Doghead Revisited' and 'Angels'.

The album, priced Ł 7.99 plus postage and packing, can be ordered from Mute Records' 24 hour credit card hotline 0181 964 0029. They also run a mail-order service on the Mute web site. Tickets for the RFH gig cost Ł12.50, Ł15.00 and Ł17.50 and go on sale next week, December 16, from the box office 0171 960 4242 [NME]

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