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Saturday, 03 February 2001
Nick Cave will be performing a series of solo live shows in the USA in March. Along with him him there will be: Warren Ellis (violin) and Jim White (drums) of Dirty Three, and Susan Stenger from Big Bottom on bass.

19/03/2001 - The Letterman Show*
21/03/2001 - New Orleans, Orpheum Theater
22/03/2001 - Chicago, Park West
23/03/2001 - Chicago, Park West
25/03/2001 - Los Angeles, Wiltern Theater
26/03/2001 - San Francisco, Palace of Fine Arts
27/03/2001 - San Francisco, Palace of Fine Arts
28/03/2001 - Denver, Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre
29/03/2001 - Seattle, The Paramount Theater
31/03/2001 - New York, Town Hall

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