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Tuesday, 13 August 2002
An awesome guest list of collaborators help to make 'Next Wave' a rich tapestry of moods and influences, showcasing a dazzling diversity not just in music but in other cultural spheres too. It is an audaciously eclectic mix, with guest vocals by legendary singer/songwriter Nick Cave on 'Sunday Morning,' film superstar Patrick Bergin on 'Only Love', cult author Iain Banks on 'Dreaming' - and even the sampled tones of veteran dissident activist Noam Chomsky on 'Revolution'.

Nick Cave's spectral cover of Lou Reed's melancholy comedown classic, his debut foray into electronic music, represents a dream come true for Chris. "You start with a fantasy list of people you would most like to work with, and Nick was top of the list just because he's a legendary character." []

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