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Wednesday, 04 June 2003

Image The Double a Side "he Wants You" and "Babe I'm on Fire" is the Second Single from the Album "Nocturama". The Single Comes Backed with Two Exclusive Tracks "Everything Must Converge" and the Intriguing "Little Ghost Song", of which Nick Cave says, "Little Ghost Song was a happy accident in the studio, where the slave reels misaligned and began playing some elements of two songs at the same time. We were dumbstruck at the beauty of it"

CD Single
....He Wants You (Edit)
....Babe, I'm On Fire (Edit)
....Little Ghost Song
....Everything Must Converge

10" Vinyl
....A1 He Wants You (Edit)
....A2 Everything Must Converge
....AA1 Babe, I'm On Fire (Edit)
....AA2 Little Ghost Song


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