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Saturday, 29 May 2004
The lost album "Burnin' The Ice" by the Berlin band Die Haut, which featured Nick Cave as guest singer. Furiously sought after by Cave collectors for twenty years, the lyrics have been printed as classics among Cave's archives, but these recordings were scarcely available. Originally released in Germany and England only on 12" vinyl in 1983, "Burnin' The Ice" quickly vanished into collector land. Furthermore this digitally re-mastered edition marks its first print in any digital format. It documents a crucial moment in Cave's career, as it was recorded in 1982 during the short period after he disbanded The Birthday Party and formed the first line-up of The Bad Seeds in Berlin. It also documents the initial explosion of this unusual Berlin band, which went on to produce albums with internationally renowned guest singers for nearly twenty years.


Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this re-issue is the sophisticated approach in packaging. The CD comes in a gorgeous high gloss double Digi-Pak with an elaborately detailed 24 page historical booklet. The original artwork remains in all its bizarre glory. The booklet contains unpublished black & white photography of both Nick Cave and Die Haut, all from this era. Together with a biographical text, it paints a unique portrait of the artistic atmosphere of early 1980's Berlin.

There is also a limited edition, containing a bonus DVD, featuring live footage of Die Haut's first tour with The Birthday Party in 1982. There is a gatefold vinyl edition as well, also containing the DVD, with a full size four-page version of the CD booklet. It leaves the listener with a complete feeling of the time period, and the importance of the moment in all of their lives. An inspiring historical document driven by a group of remarkably inspired young men. An absolute must for any Nick Cave collector.

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