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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

ImageOn Sunday, October 11, 2009, Nick Cave and P.J. Harvey were unexpectedly reunited for an impromptu duet. The performance was prompted by a question-and-answer segment of Cave's Bunny Munro reading at London's Palace Theatre. While taking questions, an audience member asked Cave if, were she to be in the venue, he would consider performing with Harvey again.

Cave, previously unaware of Harvey's presence in a box seat, upon noticing her, stated that he would if she was also willing. He also added, "If it was the other way round, I'd be mortified." Harvey agreed to the duet, and the pair joined up for a rendition of their song from Murder Ballads, "Henry Lee". An audience member had remarked that perhaps "Fleeting Love" would be a more fitting song, to which Cave replied, "you're a funny cunt."

 During the night, website The Quietus also reported that Cave explained what happened to his mustache. "My wife found my stash of rohypnol, drugged me, and shaved it off." (


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