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CONCERT REVIEW: Belgium, "The Birthday Party" [1982] by Bavo Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

It was maybe the 3rd time I went to see the Birthday Party, at this time with einsturzende neubauten, and the pop group, the most incredible,original and absolutly the best live bands,but not so this time, me,my twin and our girlfriends,all 16 year old punx ,hitchicking following the birthday party ,when they arrived in the tiny place in the midlle of nowhere, they where fucked man!! they arrived in a small fan,and the birthday party got out of the van,said hi,and then they just stopped at the entrance of the club,hey man,I think tacy pew said didn't we forgot something?Oh yeah they all went: NICK,so they had to kind of carry nick from the van to the small club,please nick we begged, we hitched all the way up here and you put us on the guestlist, but the owner of the club refused us in for free, so after a while nick said to the owner,o.k ,they dont get in we dont play!!!!!

So the owner gave in,there where only like 80 people orso,and the poor guys where absolutly,tired,and they only m! an! aged a total chaotic set,with nick being totally pissed off,and in the end He offered everybody there ,there money back, I have seen many totally brilliant birthday party gigs,where they got attacked by skinheads from brussels,and Nick just went,YOU WANT TO FIGHT WITH CAVE? COME ON!! TOGETHER WITH THE ALWAYS SCARY LOOKING ?AND BLOODY AMAZING BASSPLAYER? I SPECIALLY LOVED IT WHEN HE STUCK HIS HEAD IN THE BASSDRUM? AND STARTED THESE KIND OF WEIRD FUCKING MOVEMENTS WITH HIS BODY!!!! anyway the skins didn't last long,and I kept following the birthday party untill london.

,I think I saw the first ever bad seeds gig in brixton fridge club,pretty intense,but then after seeing a few bigger gigs,well at that point,the bad seeds started to be a bit boring to my ears and eyes,I mean after seeing the birthday party,who where defenitly one of my top 3 live bands off all time,and I picked up again with the magnificient masterpiece And no more shall we part,and half of nocturama is excellent,cant ! wa! it to see the bad seeds back in belgium,blixa+nick are my heroes


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