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CONCERT REVIEW: Södra Teatern, Stockholm [03/05/1999] by Petra Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

So, yesterday was the day when the old Nick played in the city of Stockholm... I was there to see the both of the concerts, and I thought that
I could make a little review.

Södra Teatern, the place where Nick was playing, was a very small theatre in the southern Stockholm. Someone told me that only 350 tickets were sold to each concert and it probably can be true. The scene was small, and the seats were red and a little bit uncomfortable for 5 hours of sitting... the
atmosphere was very intimate.

The concert started with Dirty Three playing four of their songs... I'm not
very familiar with their stuff, so all I knew of the songs was coming from
Warren, who was introducing each song in a very funny way. The first song
was supposedly "You're the last horse on my sand", but then I completely
lost the count of the names... Dirty Three was very intense, raw and amazing and I am definitely going to buy some of their records after this.

And next it was Nick. He started the concert with West Country Girl which he
played together with Warren. The version was very violent and intense, as I
heard it has been on his other solo shows, too. After the song the rest of
the band walked on the stage and the next song was People Ain't No Good. It was followed by The Mercy Seat, which sounded surprisingly good without any electric guitars... and then he played a wonderful version of Sad Waters. The next song, Loverman, was one of the absolute highlights of the concert. He was playing with an amazing intensity. But Henry Lee was played without any surprises.

I'm afraid I lost the count at some point since I remember Love Letter being
played, but I can't remember when... oh well. It was the first time I ever
heard the song and I thought it was very beautiful, even though it doesn't
seem to be any of his best lyrical works. I think Into My Arms was up next
after Love Letter... poor Nick started the song three times, forgetting some
of the first lines of the song. Do You Love Me Part Two was the next song, a
very beautiful version. The next song was introduced as a song about a guy
having a very bad day... Stagger Lee was very nice. After the song they
walked off the stage.

The first song of the encore was Dead Joe, played by just Nick and Warren.
The audience seemed to be as amused as Nick was. The concert was finished with Orphan Boy / the Ship Song, Nick playing the first verse of the Orphan Boy and then switching to the Ship Song. He was shortening the chorus, wonder if it was on purpose...

The first concert was over, and it was time to wait for the next one.

Dirty Three started the show again with the same song, then playing three
different songs. Warren was playing the last song lying on the floor, it was
very intense and great. Nick started off with West Country Girl again, this time without Warren. A moment of confusion followed when the band walked on stage and Nick introduced them, only to notice that Warren wasn't anywhere to be seen. I noticed a dark-haired young woman sitting on a private balcony, watching the concert...
To my small disappoinment the next song was People Ain't No Good again. The second concert was much like the first one, except for some extra songs being played. Loom Of The Land was there, and Nick did a reading of Dread The Passage Of Jesus. The last song was Far From Me. There was some very funny conversation between Nick and Warren, Warren announcing "I quit" after Into My Arms... but he didn't. Nick introduced Do You Love Me Part Two:

"This song is a song about some unholy activities in a theatre... much like
this one. Hope you are not sitting next to anyone who coughs and smells of

The setlists for Nick:

West Country Girl
People Ain't No Good
The Mercy Seat
Sad Waters
Henry Lee
Love Letter (?)
Into My Arms
Do You Love Me (part two)
Stagger Lee
- - -
Dead Joe
Orphan Boy - The Ship Song


West Country Girl
People Ain't No Good
Sad Waters
The Mercy Seat
Henry Lee
Love Letter
Loom Of The Land
Into My Arms
Stagger Lee
Do You Love Me (part two)
Orphan Boy - The Ship Song
- - -
Dread The Passage Of Jesus (a reading)
Dead Joe
Far From Me

The concerts were very enjoyable, although sitting in a very uncomfortable
seat for 5 hours wasn't much fun... my friend took some photographs with a
very crappy camera, I might scan them if they turn out at all. I think he
sounds pretty good, even without the Bad Seeds. I didn't notice him balding,
and he doesn't seem too conscious about his hair, since he drew everybody's attention to it by either asking the audience if it looks alright or saying he has to fix it, I don't remember... All in all, two great concerts.


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