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CONCERT REVIEW: Flux Festival, Edinburgh [27/08/1999] by Amanda Steele Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

The anticipation for the gig had been high right from the start. The queues were getting long about three hours before the gig even started. some people who had been about all day, including myself, were privaleged
enough to see Nick Cave rehersing, so we had a good idea what to expect.

The gates opened at seven o' clock. the opening acts consisted of many new comedians and poets from Edinbrugh. This wasn't however what we wanted to see. By the time Nick Cave arrived on stage at about 10.30 the crowd were in high spirits and eager for him to start.

He launched straight into a piano version of "The Mercy Seat". It was beautifully song and the atmosaphere was electric. Now I can't remember the exact order so you'll have to excuse me if i'm not cronological. In a similar vein he played "Papa Won't Leave You Henry" slowly and hypnotically. And then as if to surprise the crowd he launched into a very energetic "Stagger Lee".

Everyone just seemed to come alive. He played a lot of songs from "The Boatman Call" including "Into My Arms" and "Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For". He also sang "I Had a Dream Joe", "The Ship Song" and "Henry Lee" which, alas the only downfall of the whole evening, was without P.J. Harvey.

However it was still just aspowerful. He also played two songs from The Birthday Party era. The whole evening was just magical. Cave was on top form, laughing and joking with the crowd and reminising back to the days when it all began. I must admit I was totally captivated. It's the best gig I have ever been to and I can't wait to see him perform with the Bad Seeds. As for all those that missed him. Well you can only dream. I can honestly say that his performance was truly the one I had been waiting for.


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