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CONCERT REVIEW: State Theatre, Sydney [11/01/2000] by Pat Breen Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

The bad news is that this was practically the same show as last night,
but the good news is that Nick was a lot more interactive with the crowd. I
tried to pay a bit more attention to the back and forth in dialog this
time, but it was difficult to hear some things from where I was sitting.

Anyway, here is the set and additional comments:

Set List:

1. West Country Girl - Once again playing the "Knocking on Joe" intro,
and opened by saying "Hi - I'm Nick Cave [lots of applause]. Thank You.
This is a love song called West Country Girl".

2. Sad Waters - Band intros. Nick took a shot at Warren ("You right

3. People Aint No Good - I liked Warren entering this song with very
subtle violins towards the end. Nick asked the sound engineers to
adjust the mixing a bit (a couple of times throughout the night).

4. Mercy Seat - Once again, really good. Something I forgot to mention
was that this version (as last night's) was played without any drums
whatsoever. He got a lot of applause once he finished up.
Nick: "That was alright.. that one. Sometimes you find they run away
from you, and sometimes you find them lying in the bottom of the cage."

5. Henry Lee

6. Do You Love Me Part II - At the end of it Warren came over to Nick
muttering something - I think he was complimenting his singing but I
couldn't quite make out what he said, and Nick thanked him.

7. Wild World - Introduced as "here's an oldie but a goodie". Warren
went a little overboard with the violin plucking, but the
self-indulgence made it for a very enjoyable song.

Following Wild World there was a bit of an exchange between Nick and
the audience, of which I could mainly hear just Nick's responses.
There was a lot of laughing in between the exchange.

Audience: ---
Nick: "Sorry? Can't understand a word you are saying."
Audience: ---
Nick: "Sigh."
Audience: ---
Nick: "I'm doing a concert!!"

8. Papa Won't Leave You Henry - Introduced as "here's a song... off
the faulty Henry's Dream album - I wrote this for my boy many, many
years ago." Wasn't too bad, but still a little long. I couldn't
help laughing to myself a bit when it got to the "whalebone corset"
part of the lyrics given the way Nick was singing it.

9. Love Letter - Introduced as "here's a song written last year.
1999. Called Love Letter. In fact, it is a Love Letter. It was
designed to win a girl. And it worked." Comparable to last night's
performance, and I enjoyed it even more.

10. Straight To You - I still found the triangle playing by Warren
a little laughable. No difficulties remembering the lyrics this time.

Another exchange between Nick and the audience:
Audience: "Can you turn this way a bit?!"
[ Nick turns around on his piano stool and struck a bit of a pose for
the benefit of the audience members with seats having a lesser vantage.
He ended up doing this at the end of most of the remaining songs which
was quite amusing. ]
Nick: "I don't know what to do if you are sitting over there."
Audience: "Turn your piano around!!"
Audience: "Nice Jacket!!"
[ Nick turns and bows ]

11. Stagger Lee - Played slightly slower than last night's version.
"I think that's one of these ones that got away".

12. Brompton Oratory

Audience: "Nick, that was lovely but can you get someone to turn up the
air conditioning please?!"
Nick: "Can someone please turn up the air conditioning?"

13. Into My Arms - received a lot of applause as the song started

Encore 1:

When Nick marched back on there was a lot of requests from the audience.
Most notable was Nick the Stripper - "Nick the Stripper... it was a good
song that one." He paused for a second after someone yelled out
Avalanche, and then said "anyway..."

14. Loom of the Land

15. The Ship Song - conveniently there were a lot of requests for this

Encore 2:

16. Little Empty Boat - Once again done brilliantly. Nick almost looked
like he considered the request from someone in the audience for
O'Malley's Bar.


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