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CONCERT REVIEW: State Theatre, Sydney [11/01/2000] by Pat Breen Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

Unfortunately, Nick played exactly the same set again. Still a good
show, not a lot to add, but details below...

Set List:

1. West Country Girl - "That was a song called West Country Girl... that
has grown old and bitter."

2. Sad Waters - "That was vintage mid-period Nick Cave."

3. People Aint No Good

4. Mercy Seat - Played really well (again). [ Applause ] "Thank you
very much. It's coming along, that song."

A short exchange between Nick and the crowd, part of which I missed
because an usher was showing someone to their seats in my row
during the middle of the conversation:

Audience: ---
Nick: "What was that?"
Audience: ---
Nick: "RUFF!" [ Nick obviously still can't hear what audience is saying
Audience: "Nick the Stripper!!"
Nick: "Uh.. no."

5. Henry Lee

6. Do You Love Me Part II

7. Wild World - "Here's an old song. By an old Australian band. The
Birthday Party. They were a Melbourne band actually... It's called
Wild World." This version was an absolute treat! Even more energy than
previous nights - Nick and Warren went completely overboard. It was

8. Papa Wont Leave You Henry - The lyrics, and I'm specifically thinking
about towards the end of the song, make it really hard to take this
seriously given the way Nick is singing it - I have some problem
picturing Nick in a near-rage singing menacingly to his kid. I don't
know if you'd have to see the performance to see what I am talking
about; the crooning followed by the rasping seems nearly schitzophrenic.
Nick: "Here's a song I wrote in Brazil, seven years ago. I used to
sing it to my boy over the crib... when I used to put him to sleep."
Audience: [ mixed response - "ugh" almost ]
Nick: "I know..."
[ At end of song ] Nick: "It gently got him to sleep, that song."

9. Love Letter - Excellent.

10. Straight to You - The triangle in this song bothers me. Have I
mentioned that? :)

11. Stagger Lee - Like Wild World, Nick and Warren went bezerk in
this song, which made it quite enjoyable.
"Here's a song about a really bad man. Badder than Jesse James.
That bad."
After going bezerk, Nick added an extra verse to the end of the song,
and then Nick/Warren resumed their craziness:
"Then in came the Devil - had a six-gun in his hand,
Said to Stagger Lee: "Ive come to take you down"
Those were the last words that the Devil said,
As Stag put four holes in the motherfucker's head"
I had a real smile on my face for the entire song.

Afterward, Warren came over and gave Nick a cigarette.
Nick: "Warren! Mr. Warren Ellis. He rose to the occasion very well!"

12. Brompton Oratory

13. Into My Arms

Encore 1:

Audience: "Play it again!"
Nick: "OK.. You right Warren?"

14. Loom of the Land - Nick played an intro on piano, but when the
bass kicked in and he started to sing he lost it.
Nick: "Fuck.... Anyone who missed that, Boy meets Girl, Boy loses
Girl... Still, I'll play it anyway..." [ restart ]

15. The Ship Song

Encore 2:

Nick comes out clutching a rolled up piece of paper tied in a blue
ribbon. Nick starts talking as he undoes the ribbon and flashes it
to the audience.

Nick: "A girl gave this to me backstage. It's a photo taken of
me by my mother - 1976... It's quite frightening."

16. Little Empty Boat

Generally, above reservations withstanding, the songs played were
very well done. Wild World, Stagger Lee, Love Letter and Little
Empty Boat were especially enjoyable.

I feel a bit sad after hearing from more than one source recently
that Nick probably won't tour with the Bad Seeds again - the thought is
reinforced for me considering how good his last tour was (97 down here).
I'm a little jealous of London-dwellers who have got to see them so
much in recent times.

Well, stick a fork in me. Your turn, Melbourne-people.


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