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CONCERT REVIEW: Regent Theatre, Melbourne [14/01/2000] by Amanda Kelly Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

No doubt about the reception in Melbourne, like there (allegedly!)was in
Sydney. I don't think anyone in the audience could have been in doubt that
the whole place wanted Nick right where he was - back home in Melbourne and doing his stuff. Someone called out 'welcome home' and 'we love you Nick', to which he replied with a grin - 'don't go too far' (if you want exact
words, ask someone else, I'll be honest here, I got the impressions, not the
facts! That goes for any other quotes too).

He looked a bit tense to start with and played West Country Girl descibing
it as a love song that went all 'bitter and twisted'. Sad Waters followed, and I can't remember what next. Then he introduced a song with 'I'm dedicating this song to my mother and her friend, to my brothers, my nieces and nephews, members of the Bad Seeds (btw Mick Harvey was there), old friends and everyone else who is making this such a difficult performance'. He went on to sing Henry Lee.

There was quite a bit more audience interaction with someone telling Nick to
'chill out' to which he replied with a sarcastic smile 'yeah I know, relax,
calm down, enjoy. hmph'

Music - I'm not a critic, and I haven't seen the Birthday Party live, but I
do know what I like, and it was superb. Highlights
- Stagger Lee (I *love* the pared back version, it highlights just what a
nasty motherfucker Stag is), it followed Wild World ( which the audience
went ape over), and upstaged it.
- Loom of the Land (1st encore. He came out and told everyone just how
difficult the show was for him to play. When one of the audience asked why,
he said 'cause it's Melbourne!' He then played the intro, stopped,
shuffled his papers, and grinned, and started again.)
- Warren Ellis playing triangle
- Jim White for everything that he played. I want to play drums just like
- Nick and Warren whispering like school kids at the piano when Warren asked him something

What else? Someone in the audience *almost* got him to play Dead Joe, he looked like it might happen, but then he said he wouldn't because it would sound terrible.

If you're all lucky, you might get another completely subjective review of
Saturday night and Sunday night's show, with very few facts and no set list
in the next couple of days - if not you might be luckier still!


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