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CONCERT REVIEW: Belvoire Ampitheatre, Perth [18/01/2000] by Marie Hobson Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 August 2006

Tonight was one of those nights that justify being alive!
A lot of people have been saying that this tour has been not as good as
the last, without TBC and all, and I msut agree that it wasn't quite the
same...but still bloody brilliant!

Twas held outdoors at the Belvoir Valley Ampitheatre - host to the last
TBC tour - and perhaps the best venue in the world. This time there were
chairs on the grassed area down on the same level as the stage, whereas
last time you just sat. Huge grassed steps surround the stage in a
semi-circle and I had quite a close view. Malcom Hill was on first - not
too bad a musicican but a bit of a dickhead! Then what seemed an eternity
of Jazz music before Nick reared his lovely head - but the atmos was so
lovely out there under the trees, I don't think anyone really minded the

The set seems very similar to what's been going on over east - even the
comments in between songs.

quick " are you?" then....

1. West Country Girl
2. Sad Waters
3. People Aint No Good
4. The Mercy Seat
5. Henry Lee
6. Do You Love Me Part II
7. Wild World
8. Papa Won't Leave You Henry
9. Love Letter
10. Straight To You
11. Stagger Lee
12. Brompton Oratory
13.uhhhh...I wrote the next title down so badly I can't read my own
writing!! Oh wait, it says Into My Arms.

then he says goodnite and leaves...(yeah right!)

Encore 1:
1.Loom of the Land
2. Ship Song

Encore 2:
1. Dead Joe (people even started to get up and mosh!)
2. Little Empty Boat

The show was at many times energetic and emotionally charged, yet
sometimes not. For some of tonight's renditions, the term "Don't fix what
aint broken" springs to mind - sure it's ok to change a song, but it
would've been good to hear some songs resembling their original versions a
little more. For me this was especially the case with Little Empty Boat -
I felt it had been stripped down too much to its bones. Oh yeah, as with
other concerts this tour, he forgot some of the words and had to restart!
This time, it was "into My Arms".

All in all, still very magical. We were eventually told it was time for
us to fuck ourselves and time for him to leave, and he was gone. I taped
most of it and it turned out ok.


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