Sunday, 17 December 2006

ImageThe first release by Grinderman will be a special one-sided limited edition single, Get It On. The 1000 numbered 7" copies feature cover artwork by Nick Cave, plus a unique vinyl etching by him on the b-side. The song will also be available as a download.

Written by Grinderman, Get It On was produced by Nick Launay, recorded at RAK Studios in April 2006 and mixed at Metropolis Studios.

Below Grinderman discuss the track Get It On from their self-titled debut album.

"This song is sung across an excoriating mandolin loop based on an obscure lute melody from the 11th century," suggests Ellis, getting the ball rolling.

"12th Century," counters Casey.

"It is a lament for the messianic rock n' roll hero," says the virile and youthful Cave, "and begins, of course, with a statement of intent."

"Mice, dogs, baboons, hyenas", says Marty.

"Yeah, well, for me all the enemies of inspiration assume animal shapes," explains Cave, "they are all around us... and of course, inside us."

"From all the loops I originally sent you, this was the first one that really cried out to be used," mumbles Ellis, from the black hole in his shovel-shaped beard.

"Yeah, it grinds... it ground..." growls Sclavunos.

While everything is quiet and easy/ Mr. Grinder can have his way
Memphis Slim, 1941

NICK CAVE: vocals, electric guitar, piano
MARTYN CASEY: bass, backing vocals
WARREN ELLIS: muzz box, drum machine, backing vocals
JIM SCLAVUNOS: bongos, maracas, backing vocals